Could you help us to bring hope?

Could you help us to bring hope?

All of our support is facilitated by volunteers. The essence of our charity is Experts by Experience: everyday folk helping everyday folk. You don't need a degree or a qualification, we train you. All you need is life experience and a heart to give hope to others.

Amazing volunteers

If you are looking at this page then you are already our kind of person. You are a person that likes to help others, to reach out and give hope. All of our support is delivered by volunteers. We wouldn't even exist without them, they are our super stars. Often they are people that have received help from Heart to Heart themselves, and after a time have returned and asked to give back. What amazing people!

Help us to help others

We often hear comments like:

I wish I'd known about you years ago - your support sounds like just what I needed.

If you feel like that then maybe you can help us to help others. It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 80; if you have experienced the pain and loss of divorce and separation in your life then you are an Expert by Experience, and you can use that experience to save other people.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes

Some give time, others knowledge, advice, money, skill, effort etc.

There are five main categories of volunteer. 

Support Facilitators

Support Facilitators

Facilitators are the individuals who actually deliver our support. If you are 18 - 25 and want to support children please click here to go to our Lifeguide page.

Facilitators lead our group support course for over 18s. Usually a group session is led using PowerPoint slides (though some of our facilitators prefer paper copies). The facilitator opens the session and delivers some learning from the course notes, but importantly they are also there to start discussion and open times of listening. They are led by the needs of the clients in the group. 

The course is led by the facilitator but another volunteer is there in the role of helper. The helper assists the facilitator, joins in discussion, encourages and supports members of the group, observes those that might be struggling and helps them engage.

Both the facilitator and the helper are Experts by Experience. They have survived divorce or separation themselves and can be truly empathetic and perhaps share what they learned or discovered on their own journey. 



We are a membership organisation and need to have members to function. Being a member means you are someone who supports what we do.

To become a member you fill in the registration form (download here) and send it to us with a £5 fee (please fill in a gift aid form if it is applicable to you to help us claim the tax back on your £5 donation). We will then keep you updated with our organisation with a biannual newsletter. You will also be welcome to attend the AGM. 

Our postal address is Church at Stirling, 48 Forth Street, Stirling, FK8 1UF.

Further information about membership (download here)



Like any charity we are governed by a Board of Trustees. These are people with a passion for helping others and enabling communities to heal themselves.

Trustees meet in Stirlingshire once every 6 weeks and strategically lead the organisation. Each Trustee brings their own strengths and skills to the position that are used to develop and grow the organisation.

Could this be you? Do give us a call to discuss further on 07543 752 717.



Every organisation has jobs that need doing. Perhaps you can give us some of your time in any of the following ways - and more!

  • We need people to help us put up posters and deliver leaflets, all over Central Scotland.
  • Do you have a personal connection with a network - could you help us spread the word?
  • Sometimes we just need extra hands to help fold leaflets. 
  • Occasionally we need resources made for our children's work - are you creative/crafty? 
  • Do you have access to a community space that we could hold meetings in?
  • Why not do some fundraising for us - perhaps shake a tin in your supermarket! Or organise a jumble sale, a coffee morning, or get your local youth club to wash some cars!

Whatever you can do to support us we would be so grateful. Do give us a call to discuss further on 07543 752 717.


As a charity we are always looking for ways to raise money to enable us to continue to offer support. If you would like to donate to our work please follow the link to the donation page.

We would also be delighted to talk to you if you wanted to help us with some fundraising , either in your community or with Grant Making Trusts and funding bodies. Whatever you can do to support us we would be so grateful.

Why don't you give us a ring to discuss further? Call 07543 752 717.