walking hope

Are you feeling lonely, sad, hopeless or heartbroken? Do you know someone who feels this way following a divorce or separation? Are you worried about how a friend or family member is coping with a dramatic change in their relationship?

We are here to help

Heart to Heart offers confidential support to those affected by divorce, separation or a relationship breakdown. We can help you whether you are an adult needing support; a young person wanting help to deal with your parents' breakup or a professional looking to refer an adult, a child or a family.

Bringing hope

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All our support is delivered face to face by trained volunteers; normal people who have been through divorce or separation themselves. We are not counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists. We are everyday people who have walked this path and have found a way out of the darkness and confusion. Our aim is to bring hope to a situation that seems hopeless.

What we do and whom can we help

Heart to Heart is based in Stirling and our courses and services are free and open to everyone. We have two main strands at Heart to Heart:

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If you have any queries please do get in touch with us.