Are you feeling lonely, bitter, heartbroken? Do you know someone who feels hopeless and lost? Are you worried about how a friend is coping with a dramatic change in their family structure?

We are here to help

Heart to Heart offers confidential support to those affected by divorce, separation or relationship breakdown. We can support you whether you are an adult needing support yourself; a young person wanting help to get through your parents' breakup, a professional looking to refer someone or an educator looking for group work.

Hope to those who feel hopeless

Heart to Heart is an organisation that delivers hope to those who feel hopeless due to relationship breakdown. We believe in people power - all our support is delivered by trained volunteers; normal people who have been through divorce or separation themselves. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists, we are everyday people who have walked this path and have found a way out of the darkness and confusion.

What we do

We have two main projects. Heart to Heart helps adults who are not coping well with their own marriage or partnership breakdown. H2H helps 8-18 year-olds who are struggling with the break up of their parents or family home. 

Adults tend to be supported in a group setting and young people are supported one to one. Our support courses last between six and eight weeks and are a combination of active listening, sharing if you want to, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and tools to help you cope now and manage your own emotions and relationships going forward.

Who we can help

Our courses are open to everyone. If you or someone you know is struggling with their own relationship breakdown visit our adult services page. If you or someone you are concerned about is not coping with the split up of their parents or caregivers go to our H2H page. If you are a professional please visit our professionals page where you can find details of the referral system, group work, workshops and presentations.