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Heart to Heart is based at the Family Life Centre, in the centre of Stirling. Referrals come to us from all over the Forth Valley region and many people travel to Stirling to access our support services. 

The adults course and peer support group is delivered in person and face to face at the Family Life Centre. The one to one support for young people is also delivered face to face and within the local area.

Our History

Stirling 8

Heart to Heart was created in 2003 by Sheena Orr and Lynne Murray, who both have personal experience of divorce. They provided support for each other and were surprised to discover there was no other organisation in Scotland offering this help.  The support then grew to encompass help for young people (8 to 18) who have experienced parental separation.

In Autumn 2018, Heart to Heart became one of the projects running in the Family Life Centre, which is part of Stirling Baptist Church.

Rooted in faith, open to all

Our work is based on a verse in Isaiah, a book of the Bible, where we are called to 'comfort the broken hearted'. Like many faith-based charities and organisations, our desire is to care for and support others regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation. We avoid discrimination on any grounds and our services are open to anyone who needs them.

Heart to Heart fully subscribes to the principles of social welfare and social inclusion as set out by the Scottish Government and the NHS. These commit Heart to Heart to promote opportunities, support stronger families, promote inclusion and tackle barriers to it.


We are a member organisation and a registered Charity. Scottish Charity No. SC000117 Company No. SC470156  

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If you are able to and would like to donate to ourwork of Heart to Heart, we would greatly appreciate it. Every act of generosity no matter how small makes a positive difference. Your kindness will help us to support young people who are struggling to cope with traumatic changes in their lives. It will enable us to give hope to people who cannot see past the pain of their present situations.


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If you have any queries about donating and would like more information, please do contact us.