We can help you

Flexible support. Tailored to your needs, to help you or your community. Individually or corporately.

Our passion is to support those affected by divorce and separation. Support for adults tends to be in groups, or by telephone.  Support for children can happen in groups in school and for secondary school pupils on a 1:1, usually out with school. Our expert staff support and train our young adult volunteers (Lifeguides) and our amazing Group Facilitators. The staff also deliver support to groups and life changing learning to classes, organisations, networks and communities through presentations and workshops.

We understand

When a relationship breaks down it can change everything. From the way you shop in the supermarket, to what you watch on TV. Cooking for one less can be a heart-breaking task. Everything can remind you of them, or remind you of their absence.

Practical tasks need to be done, with often difficult financial consequences. Usual friendships seem strained, close community can feel suffocating - even to the point where you don't want to leave the house. For some reason you can't talk to those closest in your life - your family - because they are also affected by this change. You can feel utterly alone. You feel like no one else can be experiencing this long drawn out grief that you are experiencing.

Here at Heart to Heart we understand. Our support is delivered by people who have walked this road themselves. People who have felt they are in darkness and reached out for someone to listen, someone to meet up with - and they found hope. Not a sickly sweet hope where you are told everything is fine - but a true hope. A hope from someone who has been where you are, someone who doesn't talk down to you, but comes alongside.

Flexible support


We deliver adult support in groups - and in that group you might have 20 year-olds or 80 year-olds, men, women, people who walked out or people who found themselves left behind. We support all. The only unifying factor is that everyone has realised that they need a little bit of help.

We find that people come to us just as they realise that they are not coping as well as they could. Some are on anti-depressants, some are off work. But others are not - they have just realised that if they get help now, maybe it will save them heartache in the future.

In our adult group support we talk about issues like communication, your feelings, managing your own emotions, and setting up boundaries in your relationships that protect and promote your well being. It is the well worn advice of a good friend. We are not psychologists or counsellors - we are just everyday people reaching out to everyday people to give hope.

Telephone support

We also offer a one to one telephone listening service staffed by fully trained and experienced volunteers.

Children’s work

Our children’s work tends to be delivered in groups in the school, as the kids find it much more fun and gain extra strength from knowing other kids are going through something similar. It is led by trained and experienced life guides, young volunteers aged 18 to 25 who have themselves experienced family breakdown. Supervision of the group work is undertaken by a qualified and experienced Primary teacher and counselling therapist.

Young people

Our youth support is delivered one to one by Lifeguides and is supervised in the same way as the children's work.


If you are a support professional please go to our Professionals page to find out how our trained staff can come in to your establishment and support you in your work.