Are you struggling after a relationship breakdown?

The end of a long-term partnership can turn your world upside down. You may feel isolated and that you can't turn to friends or family; that you are not coping emotionally or mentally; that things are starting to unravel and you are overwhelmed. 

Is this how you feel?

Perhaps all you need is to know that you are not alone on this journey; that there is hope and things will get better. Perhaps you’d like to meet other people who are walking this path right now and can truly understand where you are at – the daily struggles and challenges.

We can help

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We aim to support adults in a small group setting. This creates a safe space where participants can openly discuss (if they choose to) the issues that they are facing. Everything is done in a non-judgemental, non-confrontational and confidential manner.  

Everyone who attends the course is on the same journey – some maybe further along than others. The goal is to give all the participants hope and advice; to equip them to better deal with their life experiences and to empower them to move forward.

The course and peer group support

Our course lasts eight weeks and is run by trained volunteers who themselves have experienced divorce or separation. It is a combination of active listening, raising your self-awareness, building your self-confidence as well as lots of practical advice. We give you the tools to help you to identify, acknowledge, cope with and manage your own emotions going forward. 

Some of the topics that we discuss are:

  • addressing loss and building self-confidence
  • exploring feelings
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • forgiveness 
  • practical advice
  • healthy boundaries

All about people

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Experts by Experience

All our sessions are facilitated by people who have been through separation themselves - they are Experts by Experience. None of us are psychologists or therapists, counsellors or doctors; we are normal people who have experienced what you are experiencing now.

Open to everyone

People of all ages and backgrounds attend our courses. We have young people who have just separated and find themselves as unexpected single parents. We have people who were married for over forty years and are now struggling to define themselves outside of that partnership.

Both men and women come to our groups. Those who left the home come just as much as those who found themselves left alone in the family home.