Are you struggling after relationship breakdown?

The end of a long term partnership can turn your world upside down. You may feel like you can't turn to friends and family, you may feel like you are not coping emotionally, you may be aware that things are starting to unravel. 

Is this how you feel?

Or perhaps are you seeing behaviours linked to these emotions in a friend or relative.

Perhaps all you need is  to know that you are not alone. That other people have walked similiar journeys before and can honestly tell you that it does get better. Perhaps you need to meet other people who are walking that path right now and can understand.

We can help

We provide a safe and confidential space; a group of people who are all there for the same reason: they need just a little bit of support too. It's a place where you can share your story if you want to, or you can sit and listen - no one is going to make you speak. 

A course which really helps

We offer support after divorce or separation, in the form of a group course. The programme has between six and eight sessions that are usually delivered one a week. Over those eight weeks we deliver a series of talks and discussions on these subjects:

  • coping with change
  • resolving conflict
  • communication
  • forgiveness 
  • emotional management
  • legal and moral decisions
  • relationships and boundaries

Over and over again our evaluations come back saying that this course "changed my life", this course "gave me something to hold on to". We have seen so many firm friendships grow out of it, some of which are still giving support ten years later. 

All about people

Experts by Experience

All of our sessions are run by people who have been through separation themselves - they are Experts by Experience. We are not psychologists or therapists, counsellors or doctors; we are normal people who have gone through the darkness and come out the other side. We want to come along side you and share your burden with you. Our support is not complicated or intense, it is like the well worn advice of a good friend - non-judgemental and honest. 

Open to everyone

People of all ages and backgrounds are part of the groups in our course. We have young people who have just separated and find themselves an unexpected single parent. We have people who were married over forty years and now are struggling to define themselves outside of that partnership. Men and women come to our groups. Those who left the home come just as much as those who found themselves left alone in the family home.

As you can imagine many other issues are explored in our open sessions and our trained group facilitators have a wealth of information about other organisations which will be able to offer expert advice on things like substance abuse, homelessness, etc 

Our courses are open to everyone - anyone who needs a little extra support because of divorce and separation. It might actually be quite a while after the split and you are just coming to terms with the effect it has had on you, or perhaps something specific has happened recently that has triggered old wounds - regardless, we are here to help.

So perhaps this is you - what happens next?

1. You ring us - on 07889 631124. Or if you would prefer you can download the Individual registration form (download here: doc or pdf) and email it to us on .

2. We chat and if the course sounds like something you want to do we take a few registration details - name, address etc.

3. We will put you on the waiting list and can lend you some books from our resource library while you wait.

4. When we have six or more people on our waiting list in one location we arrange a course. We let you know when and where that course will happen and hopefully you can make it. If you want to speak to the course facilitator beforehand they'll give you a ring to say hello (it makes it nicer to know someone by name when you first arrive).

People we have helped

Here are some comments from our evaluation forms:

I was completely lost in the sadness of the situation. I was given the opportunity to speak openly and realised all my feelings were natural and I could ‘feel normal’ once again.

Planning and visualising the future I want is something I can do now. I've rekindled friendships I had let slip and I have a fantastic sense and feeling of opportunity and hope for the future.

I really grew in self-esteem which in turn helped me to progress my business life and in my new career.

Heart to Heart has helped me heal.

It got me out of a very dark place.

An amazing support service, thank you.