Support for young people after family separation or divorce

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Life can be pretty scary when everything you're used to starts to change. When your family splits up it can be confusing and hurtful. We support 8-18 year-olds who are not coping well with the divorce or separation of their parents.

One to one support from a Lifeguide

Feeling isolated - a drawing by a young personAs you can imagine there is a big difference between the thoughts and feelings of an 8 year-old to what a 17 year-old is thinking. Because of that all of our support is delivered one to one, which means we can tailor our support to fit you and the specific issues and feelings that you are having.

The support is given by a Lifeguide. A Lifeguide is an 18-25 year-old who went through this themselves when they were younger. They don't have exactly the life you've had but at least they know the kind of things you are thinking and feeling.

You meet your Lifeguide one to one, once a week for one hour. You can talk as much as you like and they do a lot of listening. Together you work through some worksheets and activities that help you understand your own feelings and perhaps get to a place where you are in charge of your emotions rather than your emotions being in charge of you. These meetings are in a coffee shop or a restaurant and you can have a soft drink which we pay for. We try and make the time and place somewhere easy for you to get to. If you are younger your mum or dad will probably drop you off and pick you up but they won't stay - this is your time to talk.

Support and help especially for you

We are not telling you how to live your life and we are definitely not reporting back to your parent or teacher. We are just offering you some time with someone who is on your side, wants to hear what you truly think and perhaps can share with you what they thought and did to get them through it.

We match the Lifeguide to the person so you will get a Lifeguide you feel naturally relaxed with and can just be yourself. If it is not working out for you it's ok to stop early, but as it's only six sessions we really encourage you to keep going all the way through.

Life after H2H - a drawing by a young person

Does this sound good to you?

Well, here's what happens next:

1. You give Jenni a call on 07543752717, or if you'd rather you can go to the Facebook page - H2H or download the H2H Referral Form (download here) fill it in and email it back to .

2. We'll have a chat on the phone and then we'll have to get permission from a parent or caregiver.

3. We will come and meet you and a parent for ten minutes to arrange the details.

4. We will set you up with a Lifeguide and you will start meeting every week for 1 hour, for six weeks.

5. At the end of the six weeks we will all meet again - you, your Lifeguide, your parent and our co-ordinator - to quickly evaluate the service, and that's it.

If you are a parent reading this then feel free to download the H2H Referral Form, fill it in and email it back to and we'll give you a ring - just put on the form to ring you first.