Want to change a life?

We support 8-18 year-olds who are struggling to cope with their parents splitting up. We do that by training 18-25 year-olds to become Lifeguides. A Lifeguide is someone who has been through family break-up themselves and wants to help steer someone else, someone younger, through what can be a confusing and traumatic time.

You just have to be you

You don't have to be a psychology student or a quiet listening type. You just have to be you. We are looking for all personalities, all types of young adult. We fully train you to be able to deliver six sessions to under 18s. We are totally flexible in our approach, we tailor the support given to match the child and we try and give the Lifeguide clients that they will click with. Perhaps you know you'll work better with the under tens or perhaps the over 14s - that's great, we'll make that group the focus.

Flexible commitments

Initial training takes about 12 hours and we can space that out to fit around your work, college or other commitments, and after that we are here to continue to train and support you for as long as you volunteer with us. We deal with the client end of things and when you have agreed to start supporting someone you meet with them for 6 sessions lasting an hour each, hopefully in consecutive weeks. We ask you to commit to a block (because we don't want to let the young people down) but you can choose to support one young person a year or 10 - that's up to you. A lot of the time our Lifeguides work their volunteering around term times or work schedules. You can stay volunteering with us for as long as you like or ask to stop - it's pretty relaxed.

We want to be able to support young people all over Scotland. We can either look for clients for you to support around your location or if you are happy to travel we can look at each case as it comes up and see if it fits with your current circumstances. We will reimburse you any travel costs and the cost of a soft drink for you and the client each session.

Recruitment process

As you can imagine we are looking for a certain type of person to become a Lifeguide, because of that we have a firm recruitment process that involves an interview, police checks and external referees. But please don't let this put you off, we really are looking for all kinds of Lifeguides because otherwise we can't help all kinds of young people. The interviews and checks are just there to make sure that both you and our clients are safe and happy.